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Not really but it's whatever. Okay so I completely re hauled the entire beginning of this story thing (By the way I don't still don't have a name even after 6-7 years working on this fucker). So yeah yeah blah blah blah, making this short, the stuff that my good friend :icontipsybard: helped with can be considered a "beta" (The idea was there for at least a few years but I recently decided to change it to show more of Chazz's childhood and how drastic he changes). So I could beg for a writer or artist to help with this (I'm not gifted in either area but for some reason I'm gifted in writing characters and plot go figure), but I'm not going to since I still have crap to write so w/e. Here's a short summary of the "mid arc" (It's actually not really that much) Prepare for deadly paragraphs that I'm too lazy to separate.

Chazz is tortured brutally and takes a contract with D.A. Moose within his own mental realm. The contract states simply that Chazz will endure a bounty of immortality on him for divines which will then hunt him down constantly day and night but in return Chazz is promised his freedom from his imprisonment and he is promised that he will gain his revenge upon whomever is his greatest enemy. Chazz does escape but not without severe PTSD to the point that even his own weapons put him in panic attack which leads Dimitri and Rozalin to decide to lock Chazz up until they can fix him, along with that they plan to protect him from Divine beings trying to kill him. Chazz gets locked up and he has very much monologue about what's going on and why. During his lock up a member of the traitorous side of the Organization poisons the room Chazz is in putting him in a deep coma which Emmanual says he can not wake from and might as well be dead. Dimitri refusing to accept this says "There is one way for my pal! I will struggle and fight the God's myself for him!" so then he sets out on a journey to the Dead Lands and enters the portal to the heavens to spend the rest of his life fighting and killing every God, Titan, Angel, Demon, Demigod etc. in the heavens for his friend. Meanwhile Rozalin vows to protect Chazz while he's in a coma for the rest of his life. In his coma his soul reaches the underworld where he meets his childhood dog who became the God of the Underworld and manages to convince his dog that he needs a second chance to which his dog, Rocko agrees to and tells him if Chazz can kill the circle of Death and reach Death himself he can convince Death to let him free. Chazz descends into gruesome journey through hell meeting the seven sins he killed and souls of demons and men he's killed living in agony in hell while killing spirits of death. When he reaches Death, Death refuses him and says no to when Moose shows up to intervene and shows Death the contract where Death just chuckles and then pulls out a contract of his own and says "Hohoho, you are a very lucky and unlucky man at the same time to have made a contract with Moose himself. I'll make an exception for you as long as you sign MY contract as well". The contract states that Chazz  is set to be alive again but in turn he will be possessed by hundreds of evil spirits and Chazz's PTSD will be put into maximum overdrive. Chazz seeing no other way accepts the contract. Chazz's body then wakes from a coma crazed and screaming ripping off his own flesh and eating it while spirits boom in voices yelling to feed them from their eternal starvation and to relieve them of the pain of a real body. Due to this Rozalin, Emmanuel and Cody rush into the room to their horror they see Chazz in this state, but due to shock they can't move and Chazz ends up jumping upon Rozalin and brutally tearing her apart while Emmanuel and Cody barely escape and try to dump acid on him to kill him which only results in everything melting but his metallic skeleton. Thinking they got him they just leave and afterward Chazz comes back to life and a heart forms in his chest tying itself to his ribs. Death appears before him and says "I couldn't allow you to die after reviving, it'd make me look bad so I changed the contract." the contract has been changed to Chazz becoming a Lich, he must live off blood to keep his heart alive. Death then basically makes Chazz eat Rozalin which makes Chazz go even more insane in his PTSD. After that Chazz takes his weapons and vows that he WILL avenge Jakk.

Who's Rozalin!? I replaced Ice with a female role because personally I found it more interesting to have a female role that isn't romantically involved with any of the characters along with being a smart ass compared to just some smart ass cliched sniper man (Ice isn't completely gone, I changed his character role to something else.)
Chazz by TheFalconlazer
So this was a Birthday present from a friend. Still working on this thing. Yeah I'm really trying to out do myself in the story writing here. I still feel like the comic for Jakk was really bad writing. Yadda yadda obligatory don't steal my character please.
I only use Ike.

I was bored so i made this I am not sorry.


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People allowed to use characters

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If your name isn't here, you may not use my characters w/o permission sorry :P

Yes I realize my digital art skills are extremely lacking, I only continue to make pictures on a computer due to them looking really weird.

Feel Free to look around and suggest things.

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